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Our team of experts is ready to assist clients with the assessment, implementation and maintenance of enterprise governance, risk and compliance requirements (GRC). Maclear’s established team of experts is capable of providing GRC Strategic Roadmaps and Frameworks that can take a customer’s business objectives across the enterprise and map them to compliance laws, existing policies, standards and controls that are relevant for the customer to meet their objectives. These assessments are done in conjunction with each stakeholder across the organization to provide the client with an enterprise wide overview of GRC. Each gap is analyzed and benchmarked against both required and available resources creating a priority based optimal implementation strategy to assist the customer in establishing their GRC program. Once established, Maclear can help communicate, sell and roll out the program to all the stakeholders.

With extensive knowledge and experience our team is able to assist with the design, implementation and maintenance of Maclear’s SaaS based GRC solution – Maclear GRC Suite™.

Maclear’s unique Assessment Sherpa Service consists of experienced specialists who have performed hundreds of assessments on behalf of clients. Sherpa’s can help with risk scenario creation, risk evaluation and prioritization, risk assessments and more. Our Risk Management Sherpa Services becomes a natural extension of your team.

Our assessors use proven industry leading best practices to perform and manage your assessments and campaigns to ensure comprehensive timely responses from your risk subjects.