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We aim to deliver value and expertise as an integral part of our offering.
Maclear’s enterprise, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) suite is a unique next-generation software solution.

Here at Maclear our aim is to serve you and your company through effective and immersive partnership. Our flexible offering enables you to control how we engage with you to help meet the specific needs of your company and its multiple verticals. We want to best serve you and your endeavors through flexible comprehensive GRC solutions (governance risk and compliance) that seamlessly blend with your well-crafted concepts and processes, to help meet your needs and become a leading example for ‘Best Practices’ for your industry and beyond. Think of Maclear as an extra team member who will propel your ideas and processes into a finely oiled machine adept at managing Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Regulatory Controls, Risk Assessments, Policies & Compliance, Procedures, Internal Controls and more. Each member of Maclear brings a level of expertise and experience in advisory, design, implementation and training of GRC software and practices.